Mia Jonshagen  



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Swedish and International artist Mia Jonshagen

Materials of choice are large scaled oil canvases and sculptures in massive Swedish Bronze.

The oilpaintings take their own hosten course.

The motives are metaphors for the beholder.


The sculptures are presented both individually and in larger installations with elements of water and lighting.

The paintings just like the sculptures are bombastic and made to last generations to come.

The art is communicated first and foremost through  exhibitions and 

events in Sweden and in Europé. 

Several magazines , papers and news papers have documented the art throughout the years internationally. 

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Like Humans 

Like Humans 

soldier  , in swedish massive bronze 

Faith, privately owned. 

Strenght, bronze , , collection The Meaning with you 

 Strenght , bronze,  Collection , The Meaning With You  , two sizes


warrior , 180x280, in evening 

The Alchemist, (privately owned) together with smaller version of bronze sculpture Wave 


Walking to the sky with you, bronze , numbered and signed. 1/8 , from numbered and signed. 

the Viewer, bronze sculpture. numbered and signed. 1/8 .  from number 2 

walking to the sky with you, bronze, 1/8 

I know that you know, ( privately owned)

details from the Alchemist, privately owned.

Bronzesculpture, Wave,  two sizes, solid Swedish Bronze. 

Bronzesculpture WAVE   in solid Swedish bronze , available in dark bronze and in gold colored bronze.ltd edition 

Wing, two sizes 

Wing as the installation Warriors 

while the bronze sculpture is alone, Wing 

 warriors, Swedish , solid bronze