Mia Jonshagen  


Exclusive and high quality oilpaintings and bronzesculptors by International and Swedish artist, Mia Jonshagen.

Further information about current and upcoming paintings and sculptures, contact Mia.

miajonshagen@hotmail.se   We welcome visitors by appointment to our farm, close to Malmoe and Copenhagen!










Dreamtime  (sold) and the great oilpainting Ghost ( sold) at a showcase.

"I know you know" further details, contact Mia

"Revolution" further information, contact Mia


" Little Things we say, little things we do" for further details, contact Mia

"Like a wave, further details, contact Mia


"Dreamtime" privatly owned.


"Lillte things we say, little things we do, further details, contact Mia

" Wave" a unic an superadvanced horsehead in bronz,  TWO SIZES, further information, contact Mia

WING, in Bronze

WING in bronze

WAVE in Bronze


miniature Wave in bronze

Large scled WAVE in Bronze

" Noticed them,"  privatly owned


"Noticed them"  Privatly owned

"Never let them in" Privatly owned.

"When we were young",  privatly owned.

The Letter You Wrote,  collection: The meaning with you,    privately owned

" Letters" , Collection, The Meaning with you"   privately owned

 Heroes , Collection; Auguries of Innocnense, privatly owned

" Dreamland" ,  The headpainting for the collection, Dreamland, privatly owned

Taking you home" , collection; Auguries of Innocense. privatly owned


"What if We Fly"   privatly owned

Blue Lloyd, privatly owned



Detail from the oilcanvas; Fron one to another, send my regards" Collection, Auguries of Innocense, Privatly owned

Detail from the great oilcanvas " The Guardians" privatly owned

"Cielo" Privatly owned

Detail from collection; Auguries of Innocense, privatly owned.