Mia Jonshagen  



For available art, or further information about upcoming oilpaintings and bronzesculptures contact Mia Jonshagen.

OPEN HOUSE at Annedals Farmhouse during Easter, further information will come closer to the event.




Warrior, Collection The Meaning With You, 180x280



"Warrior", collection 'The Meaning With You'. Bronzesculpture "Wing", in solid Swedish bronze.

warriors as bronze installation , oilpainting Warrior 

Bronzesculpture Warriors , in solid Swedish Bronze. Oilpainting "Birds" 180 x 280cm.

"Birds" , collection 'Dreamland', 180x280 cm.



"Pilgrims", collection 'Auguries of Innocence' 180x280 cm.

"Pilgrims", collection 'Auguries of Innocence', 180x280 cm.


rebel 180x180

"I Will Be You, You Will Be Me", collection 'Auguries of Innosense' 180 x 220 cm.

I Will be you, You Will Be Me

I Will be you, You Will Be Me, Collection, Auguries of Innosense 180x 220

bronze installation Warriors, Swedish solid bronze 

Bronzesculpture, Wave,  two sizes, solid Swedish Bronze. 


Wave as installation

Wave, two sizes

Bronzesculpture WAVE   in solid Swedish bronze , available in dark bronze and in gold colored bronze.ltd edition 

Wing, two sizes 

Wing as the installation Warriors 

Wing as installation , becomes Warriors