Mia Jonshagen  


      Exclusive and highquality oilpaintings by Swedish Painter 

      Mia Jonshagen                                                                                             














"Taking you home" from the serie; Something happened" Collection ; Auguries of Innocense. For furher details, contact, mia

Followers,  further information, contact Mia

Followers, further details, contact Mia

Guardians, privatly owned

" Footprints" for futher details, please contact Mia

Integrity, privatly owned

The Letter You Wrote, further details, contact Mia

" Little Things" for further details, contact Mia

What if we fly, for further details , contact Mia

Detail from the oilcanvas; Fron one to another, send my regards"Privatly owned

Detail from the great oilcanvas " The Guardians" privatly owned




Travellers, privatly owned


Blue Lloyd, privatly owned



"Cielo" Privatly owned

A song from a star, privatly owned

A beautiful mind ! privatly owned

Heroes, privatly owned

The clothes of heaven, privatly owned

Stella, privatly owned

"Stars , hold your fires, privatly owned

"Say hello from me", privatly owned

" Imagaine" privatly owned


" Wave" horsehead in bronze,  TWO SIZES, further information, contact Mia